Peak detection and deconvolution

Spectra annotation and peak detection is a critical step in ECD fragmentation analysis due to multiple charged species and overlapping isotopic patterns. This requires advanced peak detection and deconvolution capabilities.

The ExD cell upgrade for ThermoFisher QExactive and Waters Synapt systems comes with the ExDViewer software from e-MSion. This software takes the hassle out of the peak detection and deconvolution of the ECD fragmentation spectra and also enables unambiguous annotation of the fragment ions on the sequence of known proteins.

ExDViewer allows for deconvolution of multiply charged as well as overlapping isotopic peak patterns providing outstanding annotation quality even of complex spectra. Annotation of complex fragmentation spectra has never been easier!


Are you interested in getting a feeling for the ExDViewer software? Feel free to test it out! e-MSion’s website offers several data sets to look for monoclonal antibody analysis, top-down sequencing and PTM analysis, to browse through raw data and make yourself familiar with the ExDViewer software. Browse through data, zoom into details and check what’s in there for you!

Sequence Annotation

The ExDViewer software provides a comprehensive overview on the observed fragment ions matching to a given protein sequence. This makes sequence verification of biologicals very straightforward and allows for a quick confirmation of deviations from the expected structure:

MSVision Dedicated to Mass Spectrometry

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