Upgrade your Waters Q-Tof or Synapt system to a Native MS system!

Native Mass Spectrometry is in demand and the Waters Q-Tof type instruments and Synapt type instruments can all be upgraded by MS Vision for Native MS applications.

When you want to modify your own instrument, you save on the costs of a donor instrument, you decide, based upon budget and application(s) you run, the following upgrade parts;

Do you go for a 8 or 32 kDa quad upgrade? Do you require all the vacuum modifications and gas control additions as descripted in our article being controlled by Mass Flow controllers or for budget reasons choose the manual gas controllers?

Based upon your request and budget we can upgrade your system as you wish.

The installation start with a series of test to check the condition of your donor system. When the system does not meet specifications, we will do a PM ( at additional costs).

Following this we will do the upgrade, all PM ( when required) and upgrade activities will be done at your laboratory. The instrument remains on site, no move is required!

Following completion of the modifications as agreed we will run a number of test to show you the performance of the instrument after modification. This will be completed by a user training.

Optionally this first training can be followed by an advanced training course a few months later.

The guarantee is 12 months only on the upgrade parts! However, provided we did start the upgrade of the instrument with a complete PM, we can offer you our complete range of service contracts including the comprehensive Platinum one, directly after the upgrade or within 12 months after acceptance.

We guarantee that all parts required to keep your system running are available for at least 7 years following installation and acceptance.

Contact us to discuss your demands and we will be happy to send you a detailed quotation.