MS Vision and Fasmatech enter into European Distributor Agreement for the Omnitrap

Almere/Athens, August 28th 2022

Flexibility in fragmentation technologies provides an extensive range of possible scientific experiments on existing mass spectrometric equipment and allows for much more comprehensivecharacterization of biomolecules than single fragmentation techniques alone. Since a couple of years, Fasmatech (Athens, Greece) is developing the Omnitrap, an upgrade to Thermo Fisher Scientific Orbitrap based mass spectrometry systems (Exploris and QExactive) providing a multitude of fragmentation technologies giving the system utmost versatility:

  • Slow heating and high energy CID
  • Electron Capture Dissociation
  • Electron Induced Dissociation
  • Electron meta-ionization
  • Dual-axis optical access for photo-dissociation using UVPD or IRMPD
  • External injection of activated neutrals and ion beams


The Omnitrap consists of a multi-segmented ion trap with multiple access points for fragmentation devices and has been selected as one of the most innovative innovations in 2018 by The Scientist. Its development is part of the EU-funded TopSpec project for developing technology for comprehensive monoclonal antibody characterization.


As of today, Fasmatech and MS Vision have entered into a sales and support agreement where MS Vision will sell and support Fasmatech’s Omnitrap technology as an upgrade to Thermo Fisher Exploris and QExactive systems in Europe. All three companies, Fasmatech, MS Vision and Thermo Fisher Scientific are involved in the joint European project “TopSpec” under Horizon 2020 under which several installations of Omnitrap systems have already been made in Europe as well as the US.


Fasmatech Science and Technology SA ( founded in 2009 and based in Athens, Greece specializes on advanced custom engineering of high-end mass spectrometry instrumentation.


Spectrometry Vision B.V./MS Vision ( has been founded in 2004 and is based in Almere, The Netherlands. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and business is focussed on mass spectrometry instrument service for Waters, Sciex and ThermoFisher LC-MS instrumentation and hardware upgrades/modifications for native mass spectrometry, top-down mass spectrometry and biologics characterization.


For further information visit, the MS Vision website on the Omnitrap or send us a message at!

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