Shimadzu Nexera HPLC system

Complete Shimadzu Nexera stack for sale. Ideal platform in conbination with a Sciex 6500, Sciex 5600 tripletof or Thermo TSQ Quantiva or Qantum Ultra. Contact us to see what is possible.

Product specifications

Company: Shimadzu
Instrument type: Nexera
Instrument system: LC

System features

The Shimadzu Nexera family is a modular all-round LC system, that can be combined flexibly with all types of mass analyzers. Micro-volume plungers provide precise solvent delivery and low injection volumes to achieve excellent injection reproducibility and extremely low carryover. The outstanding core performance capabilities of the Nexera provide highly reliable data in all types of application fields.

MS Vision has this complete Shimadzu Nexera HPLC stack on offer, comprising the following hardware & software components:

  • up to 4 x LC20 ADXR LC pumps (request number of pumps on request)
  • LC CTO-20A column oven
  • LC DGU 20A3 3-channel vacuum degassing unit, or
  • LC DGU 20A5 5-channel vacuum degassing unit
  • LC CBM 20A PC interface / system controller
  • SIL 30A CMP auto sampler
  • SPD 20A UV-VIS detector

The Nexera forms an ideal platform in combination with the following mass specs: AB Sciex 6500 Q-Trap, AB Sciex 5600 Tripletof or Thermo TSQ Quantiva or Quantum Ultra.



Detailed information

MS Vision delivers each pre-owned system FOB. Installation is based on basis of the original specification of the instrument, hands-on training and warranty. We will continue to supporting the system after the warranty period, a.o. via a range of service contract options.

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