Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap

We have a Thermo Scientific LTQ-Orbitrap for sale.

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Product specifications

Company: Thermo Scientific
Instrument type: Orbitrap
Instrument system: MS (Mass Spectrometer)

System features

The system comes complete, including rotary pumps, data system and Excalibur operating software package.

Detailed information

Orbitrap technology is now affordable for all laboratories, bringing this ultra-high-end mass spectrometer within reach for the smaller laboratory. 

The pre-owned Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap™  is a robust, powerful and cost-effective system, ideally suited for general proteomics and metabolism applications.                                                                                      

Featuring high resolution and excellent accurate mass capabilities, the LTQ Orbitrap™  hybrid LC-MS system achieves high throughput label-free profiling for differential expression.               

 Its MSn capability makes the instrument ideal for small molecule characterization and structural elucidation. The LTQ Orbitrap is a highly sensitive system with > 60,000 FWHM resolving power , better than 2 ppm RMS mass accuracy and fast scan rate, enabling the separation of trace level, isobaric analytes.

We deliver each pre-owned system FOB. Installation is done on basis of the original specification of the instrument, hands-on training and warranty. We will continue supporting the system after the warranty period, a.o. via a range of service contract options.

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MSVision Dedicated to Mass Spectrometry

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