Waters Acquity UPLC system

Complete Waters Acquity. Ideal platform in combination with a Waters Synapt series, Xevo Q-Tof series and Q-Tof Premier.  Contact us for details and options.

Instrument Manufacturer


Product specifications

Company: Waters
Instrument type: Acquity
Instrument system: LC

System features

Acquity series has set a new standard in liquid chromatography, introducing the UPLC technology, which has been adopted successfully in laboratories around the world for the most demanding separations. Acquity UPLC systems are extremely robust, dependable, and reproducible.

  • Work at higher efficiencies with a much wider range of linear velocities, flow  rates, and backpressures
  • Higher flow rates and increased throughput result in superior resolution and sensitivity
  • Eliminate significant time and cost per sample, while improving quality of results

In the case an LC system is purchased, in combination with an MS system, a 10 % discount will be applied on the purchase price of the HPLC.

MS Vision has this complete Acquity UPLC stack on offer, comprising the following hardware & software components:                               

  • Binary Solvent Manager                                                                                
  • Column Manager                                                                              
  • Sample Manager, or Sample Organiser                                                             
  • option: PDA detector                                                                                

The system can be upgrade to a 2-Dimensional UPLC system, via the addition of the following extra units: Binary Solvent Manager and Column Manager. Should a 2D UPLC system be of interest, please request information.

The system will be delivered complete and ready to directly accept installation.  The Acquity forms an ideal platform in combination with the following mass specs, also on offer: Synapt series, XEVO Q-ToF series and the Q-ToF Premier.

If purchased, in combination with an MS system, a 10 % discount is applicable on the purchase price of the LC system.

Detailed information

MS Vision delivers each pre-owned system complete and tested. Delivery is FOB. Installation is done on basis of the original specification of the instrument, hands-on training. We will continue to supporting the system after the warranty period, a.o. via a range of service contract options.

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